Clients' Testimonials

Mr. Tibor Janka, director of UAB „Baltum“ services have always been professional and provided in due course from the very beginning of our cooperation. I mean not simply buying a company alone but also approaching the team of for various services afterwards. I would in fact recommend this name to anyone interested in an easy going business startup process in Lithuania.


Ready Made Company


Why it is beneficial to buy a ready made company?

If you want to establish a new company, you have to realize that it requires a lot of time and financial resources. Establishment of a new company is quite a long process and not acceptable for persons who intend to develop business in Lithuania immediately.

We take into account the needs and the latest business development trends in the world; we offer to acquire a company which have been already established.

What is more, the official registration date of the company is earlier thus creating a solid and ready for large business transactions company's image. In some cases there are requirements for company's age. Acquiring company which was registered months or even years ago is the easiest way to get around this problem.

What does registered company have?

You can buy a ready made company by purchasing shares of a company which has already been established though has not conducted any activity. Such company may start business in any desired business area without any additional permissions from the local authorities (except for licensed activities).

We offer to acquire a company which has:

  • Formed and paid up statutory capital
  • All the documents related to the establishment;
  • Current bank account;
  • Seal of the company;
  • Company registration at the register of taxpayers in State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Permanent head office as well as other particulars;
  • We will provide you with an official Extract from the Centre of Registers issued after you have acquired a company.

Buying a Ready Made Company also helps you to avoid the payment of authorized capital - at least 10 000 LTL (2 898 EUR).

The price of registered company is 740 EUR.

At the moment we have ready made companies for sale:

  • UAB "Upės vaga" (Riverbed), established on 16 May, 2014;
  • UAB "Sola fide" (By faith alone), established on 26 August, 2014;
  • UAB "Verslo aveniu" (Business avenue), established on 17 September, 2014;
  • UAB "Verslo kvadratas" (Business quadrate), established on 30 September, 2014.

If you feel you don't like any of these names, we would establish a company with your preferred name unless it is occupied.

Transferring company to the buyer

The company is transferred pursuant to the share sale-purchase agreement. In accordance with the agreement, 100 % of company's shares are transferred to the buyer. Such agreements do not require to be approved by a notary, thus there is no necessity for the buyer to come to Lithuania. All the issues related to the acquiring of the company may be solved via mail or telephone. The documents are sent by courier service. The registration of new shareholders and director of the Company takes 5 banking days from the day we receive signed documents from the buyer.